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Fansite featuring: Esprit Homeworld

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Hi all my deutsch neighbour
My nickname is Realfrenchguy from Esprit-STR, a french real time strategy game website. I will tell you my story with the Homeworld saga, but i apologyze, english is not my native language ;-)

I met Homeworld the first time thanks to a friend who made lan game sometime in 1999. As today, there was few french ressources on internet about this amazing game, and I decided to make my first website and it was about homeworld. You can see the « antiquity » here : homeworld.free.fr/oldies/index2.html
It was also my first game online. With my « new » 33600 modem, I have met a clan which be known under the name of AsGuild (Remember Dabius, Kate?). With Some of them like Criminel, we decide to make a french Website about this great Game. Esprit Homeworld was born. A team was created around the site (and also a clan : HF for Hydra Furious) and we decided to make www.esprit-str.com, the french real time strategy portal on the web. But it?s another story.
Later the Cataclysm episod come on our hand and Esprit Cataclysm too. We were the first site talking about HW:C, even US website came later. By a contact we had a playable demo version of Cataclysm (Alpha or Press version, i don?t know) before anyone else. On our PR demo Dreadnought Does do not exist and Carrier can not collect Cristal (only MS). With Cataclysm we had more fun and contact. I really worked with Relicnews (Uberjumper) and HW Shipyards (Arioch) with Cataclysm, sending exclusive shots and story from our PR-Demo. I have even played online with Barking Dog member to find why foreign version of the game could not play with US version?a great day for me? I have also Beta-testing Won Europe.
But due to the numerous bug on multiplayer game and my family?s growing (2 young children) ;-) i had to stop the online gaming.and particulary Cataclysm for a time. With the announcement of Homeworld2, i decide to dust off my old website and regroup them behind the common url :

Esprit Homeworld which presents the 3 episodes with Homeworld and Cataclysm archives and Homeworld2 news. For European it?s sometimes hard to keep a website updated, because news are often coming in other language and we have to, first understand them and second translate to our visitors. It will be easier when the game will be available in our language.
I benefit from the initiative of Legion-KN to thanks all my contact on other fansite and Sierra, Relic and BarkingDog for the fun they brought to me. Also thanks Legion-KN for his initiative.

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