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My name is Jim Francis (also known around the net as "Arioch"), and I run the Homeworld Shipyards website. I work professionally as a software engineer in Silicon Valley in Northern California, and I do some digital artwork in my spare time in addition to working on the Shipyards.

I first became involved with Homeworld when I visited the old official site sometime in 1998, and downloaded some of the early gameplay videos. I had seen screenshots in magazines and noted they were pretty (and I've always been interest in spaceships), but never really had any idea how the game might actually work. Seeing the videos really got me intrigued, and I followed a link at the official site to a page hosted at what was then called the Homeworld Ships Page, run by Barney Hawes. Barney had gone through the various screenshots and classified the ships. I thought that was really cool, and I noted where he'd made a few errors in classification and sent him an email about it; he sent me an email back asking if I wanted to help out with the site. I agreed, and in very short order I was pretty much running the site.

After Homeworld was released, went through the change to, and the Ships page disappeared. When Cataclysm was announced, I started a Homeworld: Cataclysm Ships Page on my own domain (, and that site eventually transformed into what is currently Homeworld Shipyards, a reference on ships from all of the games of the Homeworld series, past and future.

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