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Homeworld: Russian Project
Here is my story:

I like Homeworld. I liked it since the moment I installed the demo version. It was like a revelation to me.
Some time later I found out, that in the Russian Internet no Homeworld related sites existed, though this game was quite popular in Russia. So after some thoughts, I decided to make a first Russian Homeworld Site! Without any help and sponsoring I started to collect materials about Homeworld and Homeworld 2 and translated it into Russian. So on 4th of October (btw: 4. October 1957 is the date of the Sputnik launch) I registered a Domain with the name: The Administrator of helped me to solve some problems. Since this moment my Homeworld: Russian Project came to live!
Iíve met with a lot of people, who visited site. Some of them helped me with this site. Some of them became my friends. A lot of people are asking me whatís the purpose of your site? I can answer: It was made with enthusiasm only. I didnít plan to get some gain. I just wanted to give Russian fans all about HW but in Russian. I just love this unique game!

GreG. Admin of Homeworld: Russian Project

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