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Datum: 05.Januar. 19:34:18
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We start a design contest about the best design for a Speedpad and T-Shirt .

For each of the best 2 designers are the prizes: 1 Speedpad, 1 T-Shirt and money ...... read more informations about the contest under more..

For what is the contest:
We want some Homeworld 2 fan items (Speedpad, T-shirt) with a cool design.
These items will be used for leagues, ladders, tournaments, winnings and other contests, besides everyone can buy these items. The profit will be used for above listed events.

Everyone except the jury members.

There are 2 winners with 2 possible variants:
1st variant: 1 winner for the best Speedpad design , 1 winner for the best T-Shirt design
2nd variant if the best Speedpad- and T-shirt-Design from the same person: 1st place for best Speedpad design and T-shirt design 2nd place for 2nd best Speedpad design und T-shirt design
Each of the 2 winner receives 1 Speedpad and 1 T-shirt with the best design (sponsored by Enny), additional every winner receives money, sponsored by , and (currently about 30,- EUR for each winner).

The contest is organized by , and . These websites take the best design to sell you Speedpads and T-shirts with their own text/url .

Design generally:
The design must be about Homeworld 2 (contains element from HW2).
The motive/design must be created by yourself, if something is used which is not your own work, then only with the orginal author's approval.
The design must not contain any motives which are in either way glorifing violence or pornographic.
It is welcome that the design conatins a little creator signature.
Finished designs must be created in Photoshop or Paintshop (without compression, without quality loss).

Design creation for Speedpad:
The design must be created in 300dpi. You must use the template file (image as background layer) for creation. This is important, to ensure the design will not be too big.
The rubber buffers should be avoided at designing, because the places where they are can't be printed at (the Speedpad is transparent and will be printed from the underside).

Design creation for T-shirt:
The design must be create in 120dpi .
Maximum resolution at 120dpi is 1417*2674 pixel .
The design has to contain a front and back side for the T-shirt (same or different).

Design send in:
Each participant can create and send in several designs.
For sending in your design, create a reduced copy of your design (the resolution has to be as small as the design can be viewed at 1024*768 resolution without scrolling),
This file should be in JPG or other compressed format. Upload your image here.

Jury members:
Max Payne -
Legion -

Closing date:
January 31th at 11:59pm

One week after closing date .
It will be a 50:50 vote, 50% of overall vote will be from the jury vote and the other 50% will be from a public members vote .

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