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Datum: 04.Oktober. 12:20:39
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Geoff Thomas schrieb dies in den Relicforen:

Hi everyone.

First off I want to thank the entire Homeworld 2 community for all of the support you've shown the game over the past year. We're overjoyed with the positive reviews we've received in the press and the game is almost literally flying off of the shelves. We are truly honoured to have such an amazing group of fans.

There have been a lot of questions lately regarding our plans for issuing a patch to address some issues in Homeworld 2, and I wanted to update you on our plans.

We've been tracking all the issues you've been reporting since the game hit the shelves. The data you've collected is invaluable to us during this process, and because of your efforts we have a number of fixes already implemented and a comprehensive list of issues we'll be addressing.

Like designing a game, releasing a patch isn't an easy process. We've been working to address every issue possible and will be releasing something in the near future. I hope to have an update for you soon on exactly what will be fixed and when you can expect the patch. As soon as we have hard information we'll pass it on to you.

Please continue to feed us data and information on issues you'd like to see addressed. Again, thank you for your continued support!


Relic Entertainment

Wie zu erwarten lassen uns die Jungs von Relic nicht im Stich und sind fleißig dabei einen Patch für Homeworld 2 zu programmieren.
Sobald es Informationen über den Termnin und die Bugfixlist gibt, werdet ihr es hier erfahren.

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