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Datum: 30.August. 17:59:12
Thema: Homeworld2 News

Sierra/VU haben sich ja nicht gerade mit Ruhm bekleckert was Werbung für Homeworld 2 betrifft. Ein HW2 Ministand auf der E3, weit vom eigentlichen VU Stand entfernt. Keine erwähnenswerte Unterstützung bzw Informationen für die Fans.
Als schließlich die Frage aufkam, warum Sierra auf der ECTS kein HW2 zeigt, kam dann diese Antwort von Alex "Marweas" Rodberg:


Well, I'll be concluding my participation in this forum with this post. Frankly, the effort put into keeping this miniscule community informed is not worth the aggravation or the time.

I just returned from Leipzig, Germany, where Homeworld 2 was demonstrated at a consumer Games Convention larger than ECTS. The game looked fantastic and people responded to it marvelously. Given that trade shows like ECTS are used to hype upcoming products, not products practically in stores, and given that VUG has about a gazillion games to market (most of which have greater earning potential than HW2) we made the decision to focus on other products at ECTS.

Enjoy the game.

I look forward to hearing more complaints about how Sierra ignores the community. I'm sure accusing instead of asking, and bitching instead of learning will accomplish your goals admirably.

Cheers, and goodbye. - Alex

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